Synth parts for sale.

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From time to time I will have some synth or sampler parts for sale. For the most part I am reluctant to dismantle an instrument that can be repaired but under these circumstances I will part it out.

  1.  If it it beyond repair.
  2.  Beyond financial or logical cost of repair.
  3.  Repairing would require parting another machine.

I will ship anywhere in the world that the Japanese EMS service delivers to. Cost will be paid by the purchaser. This includes any import duties or taxes in the purchaser’s country. Payment will be by PayPal. (I can offer a discount for prepaid international bank transfer) If there are certain parts you require that are not on my list please asl. I will investigate if they are available and a rough estimate of cost. SInce I live in Japan just ask me about Japanese spares please

“This is just my hobby and not my business”

Currently available for sale:

  • Akai S1000/S1100 SCSI card
  • AKAI S1100 Effects Board
  • Korg 01/WFD joystick assembly
  • Korg 01/W Floppy Drive
  • Akai S1100 motherboard
  • Various parts from a Korg 01/W Excluding the main board.

Please contact me via the contact page for pricing.

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